Changing Your Password

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Changing Your Password

Passwords are crucial to keeping your account secure and maintaining the security of the Ringling College computing environment. Your password and access to your account is for you and you alone. There is no reason that another individual should need your password. Refer to the section regarding Your Account for specific rules that govern the use of your Ringling College account.

We have centralized account management so that a single username and password is used to sign on to Mac, PC, and other systems on the Ringling College campus. We encourage you to routinely change your Ringling College account password and have created a convenient web form to accomplish this task.

How to change your Ringling College account password

  • Log on to the Campus Portal at and click on Account Manager. If you cannot log on to the Campus Portal, click on "Password Change" below the login form. 
  • Enter Change Password section. 
  • Type in your old password, then type in your new password twice to confirm that is correctly typed. Press Save and your password should be changed. Your new password must comply with the requirements of the Password Policy.

If you have forgotten your password, please visit IT during normal business hours or contact us at (941)359-7633 so that we may issue a new, temporary password. If you are a student who joined Ringling College during or after the fall of 2004, you may change your password using your "secret question," "secret answer," and Student ID by clicking on "Password: Forgot" below the login form when you visit the Campus Portal.

IT Support Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

phone: (941)359-7633

fax: (941)359-7615

online support requests (for current students, faculty, and staff):