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Adobe Premiere crashes when scrubbing timeline

    Adobe Premiere crashes when scrubbing through the timeline

    When working on Adobe Premiere or scrubbing through the timeline in your project, Premiere crashes the whole machine and will stay unresponsive, except for the remaining audio on your project, if the sequence was being played.

    The hardware on all the workstations on Student Center 303(SC303) and SGI workstations is different from all other Windows workstations. The difference(mainly video card) causes a discrepancy on how Premiere calculates its projects, which causes the system crash.

    To avoid crashing the machine, set Premiere to use Software acceleration instead of the default Hardware acceleration. To do this, open Premiere and your project and navigate to:

    Project -> Project Settings -> General

    Under Video Rendering and Playback, change the drop down to: 

    Mercury Playback Engine Software Only.

    Hit OK

    It will ask if you want to keep the previous preview or to delete them. Choose to delete them.


    It will also help greatly if you pre-render your workspace before doing any work. To do this navigate to:

    Sequence -> Render Entire Work Area


    These steps should alleviate if not prevent this issue from happening