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Adobe Photoshop Runs Out of Memory

    Adobe Photoshop Runs Out of Memory

    Symptom (Mac OS X)
    Users cannot open files in Photoshop. Some error messages include "out of memory" and "file corruption", a blank document opens instead of the intended document, or files take a long time to save in non-Photoshop formats.

    Photoshop preferences must be set to also use the LocalScratch as an additional scratch disk.

    Solution 1

    1. Start Photoshop.
    2. Click on "Photoshop > Preferences > Performance".
    3. Uncheck the box next to "OSX."
    4. Check the box next to "LocalScratch."
    5. Quit Photoshop and start it up again.

    Solution 2 (Preparing the file for print)

    When you send a file to print the layers are no longer necessary. If you are preparing your file for print, follow these steps:

    1. Open the file in Photoshop and click "Image > Duplicate" to create a duplicate copy.
    2. Close your original file.
    3. Flatten all layers.
    4. Save the file and submit to Print Services or send it to print in the lab.

    Solution 3

    If you continue to experience issues with Photoshop, please contact Technology Support at 941-359-7633 as we may need to reset your preferences for Photoshop. If you would like to reset the Photoshop preferences yourself, follow these steps:

    1. Quit Photoshop.
    2. Open the Finder and navigate to the folder labeled "Library" in your home space.
    3. Navigate to the folder labeled "Application Support/Adobe."
    4. Move the folder "Adobe Photoshop" to the trash. This folder may have a "CS" ending with a number.
    5. Navigate to the "Library" folder again, then navigate to "Preferences."
    6. Move the following folders and files to the trash:
      • "Adobe/Photoshop"
      • "Adobe Photoshop CS6 Paths" (the number 6 may be different)
      • "Adobe Photoshop CS6 Settings" (the number 6 may be different)
      • "com.adobe.Photoshop.plist"
      • "com.adobe.Photoshop.plist.lockfile"
    7. Restart the computer.
    8. Open Photoshop, and follow the steps listed on Solution 1 on this page before you open files within Photoshop.

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