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Google Drive

    The Google services available through your Ringling network account include Google Drive, and this service has been expanded to offer current students and alumni unlimited cloud storage space.  Files can be shared from Google Drive by right+clicking or ctrl+clicking on the file or by selecting the sharing icon near the top left of the page. Google Drive is an ideal solution for long-term storage of the data from both your notebook and home space.  Please note, you must be logged in to your Ringling Gmail account to access this Google Drive.  You can access this storage space through the portal by selecting the 'Drive' icon below Gmail.

    You can also access it from drive.google.com or through the apps menu when in Gmail: 


    Google Drive is even better when you utilize Google Backup and Sync to automatically backup the folders you designate. Below is a video tutorial which explains in more detail.

    Note: Backup and Sync will soon be transitioning over to Google Drive for Desktop. Notebooks with our Fall 2021 software deployment will have this preinstalled and existing users will likely be transitioned over on or before October 1, 2021.