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Course Shares: Connect from Mac OS X Off Campus or Wireless

    Check your VPN connection

    Does your campus VPN connection icon look like this one with a red x?
    Or do you not even know what the VPN connection is?

    Before your course share connections can work, you must be connected to campus VPN.  Check out the instructions on how to connect to VPN, then come back here to get connected to your course share.

    Are you seeing an icon like the one below on your top menu bar?
    If so, you are good to go!  Move on with the instructions.

    How to Access Course Shares from Mac OS X Off Campus or Wireless

    1. Within the Finder, click on Go->Connect to Server... or press "Command Key + K."  
    2. Enter the full URL of your course share...

      Use the following format (the share names are case-sensitive):

    Important note: your "CourseNumber" will include some leading letters that are a part of course labels at Ringling College.  

    Example of Course Numbers: GA440 and IL351

    For section 1 of GA440: smb://classes.ringling.edu/GA440_01 and for section 4 of the IL351 course: smb://classes.ringling.edu/IL351_04


    4. Click on "Connect". Enter "scholastic\" followed by your username in the Name: blank and your Ringling account password in the Password: blank.

     The addition of the "scholastic\" portion of the login is different than what is required when you are in campus computer labs.  Adding this will help get you quickly connected.

    It will look something like this when you've added your username:

    1. Click on connect.

    If successful, a shared drive will appear on your desktop. Double-click on it to access the contents. For security purposes, eject the drive when you no longer need it.

    Use the course share just as you would use any other folder within your computer.

    What if the mounted share doesn't show up on your desktop?  Here is a video shows you how to change your settings.

    Update your Finder preferences to show mounted shares on your desktop:

    First select Finder -> Preferences.

    Then check the box marked "Show Connected Servers".

    By default on your student notebook you can also find the connected server in the left-hand side of your finder windows.  You can also eject it from there.


    Last update: 8/20/2015



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