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My Notebook - Store Files in One Location

    My Notebook : Store Files in One Location

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    You will want to store all files in a pre-selected location so that they are easy to find. We recommend that you store your files in the “Documents” folder, found within your notebook’s home space. Placing all files in the “Documents” folder will also make it easier for you to back up your work to an external hard drive or cloud-based storage. You are responsible for your own backups, so make sure to back up your files frequently.

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    Meet the Documents Folder


    The “Documents” folder is located within your home space for the notebook. Open a finder window by clicking on the desktop and pressing command+n.  This will open a new window, and on the left sidebar you will see a folder called 'documents'. You can also open a new window by navigating to the top of the screen and selecting 'File' from the menu bar. In the drop down you will see "new".  Select it and a new window will appear for navigating your notebook. That is where you should store all your files. You can create additional folders within the documents folder to arrange your files by class, academic year, etc.- the structure of your organization is entirely up to you.  IMPORTANT: Your notebook home space is completely separate from your network home space on campus.

    Safeguard Your Files with Frequent Backups

    The MacBook Pro comes equipped with Time Machine, which means you can attach an external drive to automatically back up your computer.  You can purchase external drives at any local computer store, the school bookstore, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. A 1TB external hard drive or larger is ideal for use with Time Machine and the MacBook Pro.

    In addition, the Google services available through your Ringling network account include Google Drive.  This service has been expanded to offer current students and alumni unlimited cloud storage space.  Google Drive is an ideal solution for long-term storage of your data.  You can access this space through the portal by selecting the 'Drive' icon below Gmail, or you can access it from Gmail through the apps menu. 

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