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Procedures to Print

    Before a job can be printed:

    1. Log onto the Campus Portal
    2. From the links on the left-hand side choose "Print Services"
    3. Choose your paper and enter the amount needed.    
    4. Pay for your prints. If paying by credit card enter your information.  If paying by cash complete your order online then pay for your print in the Bursar's Office (2nd floor of the Ulla Searing Student Center).
    5. Upload your files.  Please include any associated external images (you can zip your file if necessary). Make sure your fonts are converted to outlines and your images are flattened!! 
    6. You will receive an email when your job is completed and you can pick it up in print services

    Accepted File Formats

    Adobe Photoshop CS(flattened layers)
    Adobe PDF(press or print ready setting)
    Adobe Illustrator CS(embed images and outline fonts)



    Print Services located in room 524 of Academic Center please email print services if you have questions.

    No files will be printed without payment. 

    Sample papers are available to examine in Print Services.

    Important notes:
    We are not responsible for any inaccuracies in the files you submit.   Lack of preparation may cause delay in completing your print jobs.  Double check your files before submitting.  Make sure that you have included all your images, flattened your files, spell checked and outlined fonts.

    We are responsible only for errors that occur during the printing process. 

    There will be no refunds. All pages must be used by the end of the academic year. No credit will be carried over from one academic semester to the next. 

    No files will be printed without receipt of payment from IT or the business office. 

    All files must be submitted in online.  

    If you are printing longer than a 100" continous piece please discuss with Print Services staff before submitting job.