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    My files will not upload.
    Don't use Safari.  Any other browser should work.  Large files off campus may take awhile to upload. 

    I forgot to upload my files.  
    Click the Print Services link from the portal.  On the top right of the order form is a text link "oops".  Upload your files using the "oops" link.

    Off-campus users, you must be logged into the Ringling VPN to use print services. Click for Interactive tutorial. Print services will not work if you aren't on the VPN. Be sure to click on the link that says "Campus VPN Users - follow this link". Quite a few people miss the link.

    How do I make an appointment for the laser cutter?  
    Digital Checkout handles the laser cutter. Please contact them for assistance.

    Why are my prints so dark?
    This is a good article from Northlight Images. Short answer, your monitor is too bright. They have a color calibration device available for checkout in digital checkout (Academic 524).

    Print Services is always closed when I stop by.  
    Make an appointment.  Email printservices@ringling.edu to setup a time.

    Do you print double-sided?
    No, we do not print double-sided. Just because you say in the comments to print double-sided we still don't print double-sided.

    Why can't I use my academic lab print quota toward print services?
    Print services is a pay per print service separate from your academic print quota.

    I have reached my print quota in the labs how do I get more prints?
    Contact the IT help desk

    I want to print on my own paper
    We can work with you. Depending on the paper we will give it a try.  Pricing depends on size and overall ink coverage. We cannot print on clear, plastic or metallic media unless it has been specially treated for inkjet printers. Please keep your sheet media clean and flat as possible when transporting it.  

    What are your printer margins?
    For most papers our margins are 3 mm for all margins.  The recommended area is 27mm(.79") top margin, 27mm(1.06") bottom, 5mm(.20in") left & right margins.

    What is the maximum length you can print?
    Max length we can print is 10'.  Some papers we can print longer.  Please stop by to discuss larger prints.

    What is the thickest paper you can print on?
    Max thickness 1.5mm

    Can you print borderless printouts?
    Yes and no.  Sheet papers no.  On most of our roll papers we can print to the edge on all sides.  There is a tradeoff to borderless.  The printer will automatically do an expansion or overspray to compensate its paper feed mechanisim.  It is going to slightly enlarge your image and possibly crop your image.  If you have important items on the edges you are better to purchase larger paper and trim it yourself.  If your edges are solid or you don't mind a little crop we can print to the edge.   Print quality may also be slightly reduced along the edges.

    How to calculate linear feet for roll paper
    Roll paper is sold by the linear foot unless otherwise specified. Which means, you need to purchase the length measurement in feet. Not sure how to calculate? 1’ = 12” so if your image is 48” long you would need to purchase 4’ of paper because 48/12=4. Length will frequently vary depending on the math. Yes, you can enter decimal points on the order form.