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The Tablet Driver was not Found warning message

     "The Tablet Driver was not Found" message warning

    Intuos 3 tablet in the Computer labs is not responding to the pen. Upon trying to open the preference utility, a message ("The Tablet Driver was not found") pops up.

    Incompatibility issue due to logging in to a machine with a Wacom Cintiq monitor before logging back in to a machine with a Intuos 3 tablet

    To fix this error, the user will need to download and load a new set of preferences proven to fix the issue.

    Click here to download new set of preferences

    Close any opened programs that use the wacom tablet as input such as Photoshop.

    After downloading and extracting the preferences file, the user will navigate to Start -> All Programs -> Wacom Tablet -> Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility

    In there, press the Remove button under My Preferences. After the preferences have been removed, press the restore button under My Preferences and navigate to where the user extracted the preference file downloaded above.

    After the restore is completed (it will take roughly five seconds), the issue should be fixed. If this is not the case, logging off and logging back on should grand you use of the tablet again.

    Note that this process should be repeated in most occasions logging on to a machine with Intuos 3 tablet after logging into a machine with a Cintiq Monitor.