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MAYA: “Bonus Tools” menu is not showing up in Maya 2013

    MAYA: “Bonus Tools” menu is not showing up in Maya 2013  

    Maya bonus tools plugins are available and load without error, but there is no "Bonus Tools" menu in Maya.

    This is a known issue, according to Autodesk, with the current version of Maya 2013 Bonus Tools

    This issue is solved by running the command "bonusToolsMenu;" in Maya after launch in the script editor. Another method would be to make the menu appear during each Maya session by making a new text file (or adding to an existing one) called Z:\maya\2013-x64\scripts\userSetup.mel, with the single command "bonusTolsMenu;" to enable the menu on launch.

    Software updates to Maya 2013 have helped to alleviate this issue in the Student Center labs.  We encourage users with their own copies of the software to upgrade to Maya 2013 SP1 or later.

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