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Inconsistent Pressure sensitivity for Wacom Tablets and pen



    Inconsistent Pressure sensitivity for Wacom Tablets and pen

    When using the Intuos Wacom tablet, every 3rd or 4th stroke shows full preasure applied. The problem continues even after resetting the user wacom preferences. 

    Known driver issue affecting current preference version.

    To fix and prevent this error from happening, the user will need to download and load a new set of preferences proven to fix the issue.

    Click here to download new set of preferences

    Close any opened programs that use the wacom tablet as input such as Photoshop.

    After downloading and extracting the preferences file, the user will navigate to Start -> All Programs -> Wacom Tablet -> Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility

    In there, press the Remove button under My Preferences. After the preferences have been removed, press the restore button under My Preferences and navigate to where the user extracted the preference file downloaded above.

    After the restore is completed (it will take roughly five seconds), the issue should be fixed.