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Adobe Bridge Users Reach Home Space Disk Limit Quickly

    Adobe Bridge Users Reach Home Space Disk Limit Quickly

    Symptom (Mac OS X and Windows)
    Home space becomes full suddenly or login takes a very long time on Windows computers.

    Bridge stores temporary files known as “cache” to speed up thumbnail display. The cache can grow significantly, mostly for users working with the RAW camera format.

    Clear the cache in Bridge regularly after previewing pictures. To do so:

    1. Open Bridge
    2. Click on “Tools -> Cache -> Purge Central Cache”
    3. Delete the folder within your home space located at "Library -> Caches -> Adobe Camera Raw"
    4. Open your Network Home (desktop icon).
    5. Click on "Go -> Go to Folder"
    6. Type ".Trash".
    7. Delete everything inside the folder ".Trash".

    Check your disk usage regularly through the Campus Portal at http://my.ringling.edu.

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