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End Of Year Tech Tips

    Make Archives Often

    Make copies of your active files as you make changes. This will help you keep an archive of previous versions and will also help in case the working file becomes corrupt. Although we offer assistance in case of an emergency for files that reside in your home space or the course shares, the fastest way to restore your file is if you have made an archive of a previous version yourself.

    Google Drive

    Students, faculty, and staff now have access to UNLIMITED cloud storage space through Google Drive.  This is an ideal storage solution for long-term archiving of your files.  We recommend using this space for migration of Home Space files before the announced Home Space reset date.  You can access your Drive through the icon on the portal or through the apps menu in Gmail.  You must be logged into your Ringling gmail account to access this cloud storage space.

    Portable Drives

    Although portable drives are a convenient way to temporarily store your large files, they are not recommended for long-term use and they are not supported by IT. Several students have lost weeks worth of work because the portable drive broke and they did not archive their files to their home computer, home space, or other additional storage locations. If you continuously work from portable media, make sure to routinely archive important files to another location such as your network home space or to a course share. 

    Disk Limit

    You will want to check your disk usage often though the Campus Portal. Click on "Account Manager" to view your disk usage and limit. Reaching your disk limit will cause numerous issues including applications not behaving properly, corrupt files, and corrupt settings.


    Only use appropriate media in printers. If you see other students using unsupported media, you may want to remind the students that they could damage the printer and prevent everyone else in the lab from printing their projects. Please contact IT for information about specific media and printing or any other questions about the printers in the labs. We are available after hours Monday-Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 359-7633. If a printer has a paper jam, is low on ink or toner, or simply does not print do not try to fix the issue yourself. Contact us at all times for assistance.

    Known Issues

    If you are experiencing recurring issues with any software application, please visit the Known Issues section of the IT web site for possible solutions.?