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HP Zbook Manufacturer Warranty End Dates

     Repairs after the spring 2022 semester can be handled by contacting HP directly until mid August.

    The HP Zbook X2 G4 is covered by HP's offsite support warranty. HP will provide a box and cover shipping costs to and from the HP repair depot. Be aware that the notebook will be sent back to the same address as the box gets shipped to. Repairs can typically take 2-3 weeks (or longer based on part availability) to get back to you, so if you will be enrolled for Fall 2022 you may want to wait until you are back on campus if you are less than a month before the start of fall classes or will not be at that address.

    To avoid being without a notebook and needing to make shipping arrangements we recommend not arranging an HP repair after July 15th, and instead contacting IT as soon as you arrive back on campus.

    Non-accidental damage is covered for 2018 models until 8/19/2022 (excludes battery)

    Non-accidental damage is covered for 2019 models until 8/27/2022 

    Quotes will be given to any out-of-warranty repair which you will need to approve and pay with a major credit card, otherwise it will be sent back to you without being repaired.

    To check the warranty coverage, call 1-800-334-5144

    At the prompt for If you know your shortcut, say "Z series running Windows"

    Provide your serial number to the account representative.

    How to find your zbook serial number and check warranty

    Your serial number is located in the channel underneath the kickstand. You can also determine the serial electronically:

    In Windows search type cmd then press enter

    Type wmic bios get serialnumber then press enter. Your serial number will be listed.