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Installing Office 365

    Instructions to sign in and download Office 365

    - VERY IMPORTANT - You will be signing in with USERNAME@RINGLING.EDU -- DO NOT use C.RINGLING

    IMPORTANT at some point during the installation or logging in to the programs there will be a checkbox ALREADY CHECKED which reads:

    "Allow my organization to manage this device.

    Selecting this option means your administrator can install apps, control settings, and reset your device remotely. Your organization may require you to enable this option to access data and apps on this device."

    you will want to UNCHECK it before finishing otherwise it will disable some of your computer's sign-in capabilities and may take away some additional Admin controls you have over your computer.

    Download PDF instructions


    2. Go to the following website: https://www.office.com/

    3. Click on the “Sign In” button.

    4. When you are prompted with the sign in window, please use your username+@ringling.edu and click “Next”

    Example: John Smith (username: jsmith) would use jsmith@ringling.edu.

    DO NOT USE username@c.ringling.edu

    5. On the next screen you will enter your school login password.

    6. Once you have entered your password you will be prompted to enter a code, it may text or email you the code. Once you have your code enter it into the box and click, “Verify”.

    7. Once you have verified the code, it will ask if you would like to stay signed in. This is a personal choice and the user can answer this anyway they want.

    8. At this point you will be logged into the Microsoft Office site.

    9. On this page please click the “Install Office” button in the upper right area of the screen a drop down will appear and please choose the “Office 365 apps” option.

    10. When you click the button you will be presented with a window that will give instructions, depending on your browser it may save the file ‘OfficeSetup.exe’ once downloaded run the file to install office and follow the onscreen instructions.

    11. Once office has finished installing, click ‘Close’ to exit the installer.

    12. Find and open the Word application so that it can be activated for use. Activating any of the

    Microsoft Office products will activate the entire suite.

    13. Once you have activated the software is ready for use. If you have any questions please submit a helpdesk ticket to Institutional Technology.