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Course Shares: Connect from Mac OS X from Campus Workstations

    How to Access Course Shares from Mac OS X on Campus Workstations

    Note: These instructions will only work if you are using a workstation on campus in a computer laboratory. These instructions do not apply for connections off campus or through wireless. For those instructions, please click here.

    1. Within the Finder, click on Go->Connect to Server... or press "Command Key + K."  
    2. Enter the full URL of your course share...

      Use the following format (the share names are case-sensitive):
    1. Click on "Connect" and enter your username and password(should be your Ringling account and password) when requested.  
    2. A shared drive will appear on your desktop. Double-click on it to access the contents. For security purposes, eject the drive when you no longer need it.
    1. Use the course share as you would use any other folder within your computer.


    Last update: 08/15/14



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