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A Word About Search Engines

    A Word About Search Engines

    There is no special procedure to set up a site to show up through the search engines. Normally, the search engines come to your site if they see that your site gets a considerable amount of visits. It would help to include what is known as "Meta Tags" in your pages. There are free tools on the internet to create meta tags. You may want to try http://vancouver-webpages.com/META/mk-metas.html. Each page should have a different description and keywords inside the meta tags. Otherwise, the search engines may index only your first page and bypass the rest.

    Some search engines such as Yahoo require the site's author to register the site. You may suggest your site for registration with Yahoo at http://docs.yahoo.com/info/suggest/. Yahoo is specially picky about the indexing, so make sure you select the correct index for your site before you submit it. Follow the instructions on the page referenced above and you should have no problem. You don't want to register yor site in more than one index since they may drop your site.

    You can also force some "spiders" or "robots" to come to your site. Google, for example, has a special page found at http://www.google.com/addurl.html to force their search engine to visit your site. All search engine submissions go into effect within a month after submission.

    As always, you may want to link your site from Ringling College's main website. That will definitely increase search engine results since most spiders start at http://www.ringling.edu.

    Feel free to contact us through Support Central within the Campus Portal at http://my.ringling.edu should you have further questions, comments or concerns about your site in the future.

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