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NoMachine Lab Access

    What is NoMachine

    Note: You must be connected to the VPN to access this resource. Visit https://it.ringling.edu/documentation/virtual-private-network-vpn/ on how to connect.

    NoMachine is a program that connects your computer (laptop or desktop) to a Windows or a Mac workstation at Ringling College of Art and Design where you will run various applications such as Zbrush. The following instructions describe the process of setting up NoMachine on your computer. These instructions apply to both Windows and Macs.


    1. A valid working Ringling College Computer Account Password
    2. Administrative rights on the computer to which you are installing the client
    3. Connect your computer to Ringling College VPN (Virtual Private Network) service (https://vpn.ringling.edu)

    Downloading and Installing

    Click here to download the instructions in PDF format

    1. Go to https://www.nomachine.com/download-enterprise#NoMachine-Enterprise-Client
    2. Download the NoMachine Enterprise Client software version appropriate to your computer (Windows or Mac)
      1. Mac is shown below, and then install the software (choosing all defaults settings)

    Creating a Connection to Ringling College

    You should only have to do this once.

    1. Run NoMachine Enterprise Client
    2. Under Recent Connections, click New.

    3. Select New

    4. Select NX for Protocol. Click Continue.

    5. You should create two separate sets of hosts to connect to: 
    For Windows: 

    For Mac:

    Click Continue

    6. Keep default option for using UDP for multimedia checked.

    7. Select Password for authentication. Click Continue.

    8. Select Don't use a proxy for Proxy. Click Continue.

    9. If desired, modify the Save As name. Click Done.

    Opening a Mac or Windows Desktop

    1. Get to the Recent Connections No Machine Enterprise Client window.
    2. Please notice your new connections in the Client window. You will see an icon for each host you added. 

    1. Double-click on one of them to make a new connection to a server pool.
    2. Enter your Ringling username and password. Click OK.
    3. Select a Windows or Mac computer to connect.
    4. Double-click to connect to a Windows or Mac desktop
    5. Your Windows or Mac desktop will appear in a moment.

    Resizing the Desktop

    1. Click the second icon at the bottom-left area of the screen to resize your remote screen.
    2. Click and hold on a window corner, then drag the window to the desired size, making it fairly large enough to accommodate pop-up windows within your desktop.

    Optimizing NoMachine Display Settings

    Each of the following optimization settings changes should be done while you have a running session.

    1. Simultaneously press and hold the Ctrl and Alt keys (on Macs, the Option key is the Alt key), then press the 0 (zero) key, and then release all three keys. A configuration menu panel should appear.
    2. Click the Display icon.
    3. Click the Change settings icon.
    4. Drag the Display Quality slider all the way to the right.
    5. Select the checkboxes for Disable network-adaptive display quality and Disable multi-pass display encoding.
    6. Windows users: Click Done three times.
    7. Mac users: Click Done twice, and then click the Input icon. Select the checkbox for Emulate right mouse button. Then, click Done twice.

    Logging Out or Disconnecting

    If you want to leave your session active and keep jobs running, you’ll want to disconnect.

    To Disconnect:

    • Click the X in the upper right hand corner of the NoMachine client.  Your session will remain running and you can return to it later. Sessions will be lost during our daily maintenance reboot.

    If you’re done and want to end all jobs, you’ll want to log out.

    PC Users:

    Click Start > User > Sign out

    Mac Users:

    Click Apple > Log out [User] > Click Log out