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Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Adobe Creative Cloud?
      • Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is a collection of 30+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX, and more.
    • Who is eligible for Adobe Creative Cloud
      • Current Students, Faculty and Staff.
    • How do I download Adobe software?
      • Click on your operating system: Mac or Windows (NOTE: You must be on campus Wi-Fi or connected to the VPN in order to download the Creative Cloud Desktop App.)
    • Where should I store my project files?
      • You may store your project files on your Ringling Home Space, Google Drive, or Adobe Creative Cloud. Note: Adobe Creative Cloud has a limited quota, while Google Drive is unlimited. Keep this in mind when storing documents.
    • Do I need Internet access in order to use Adobe Creative Cloud?
      • For the best experience, it is recommended to have access to the Internet to take advantages of the full Creative Cloud resources. However, we understand that at times you may not have access to the Internet, such as when traveling. Therefore, you will be able to use all of your Adobe apps on your computer without Internet access, but you will not have access to Creative Cloud resources. Before working remotely, be sure to sign into the Creative Cloud desktop app, to ensure that all of your products are licensed.
    • Do I need to sign out of my notebook when using Creative Cloud apps in the labs?
      • It is not necessary to sign out of your notebook in order to use the software in the labs. The sign in process for the labs is different from your notebook.
    • When I open Adobe products, I am continually asked for my username and password.
      • You will need to close all Adobe products before continuing. Next, open Creative Cloud Desktop app and make sure that you are signed in here. Once confirmed, open the program that you would like to use. You will automatically be signed in.
    • Can I open multiple Adobe programs at one time?
      • Please make sure that you are first logged into the Creative Cloud Desktop app before opening programs. Once you are logged in, you can open multiple Adobe products on your machine.
    • How many devices can I install Adobe Creative Cloud on?
      • You can install Adobe Creative Cloud on up to two devices at a time. Installing on more than two devices will display a prompt asking you to sign out of one of the two devices. Once signed out, you can activate on another computer.
    • What versions of Adobe Creative Cloud is installed in the Academic labs?
      • Please visit Lab Software for information about software that is installed in the Academic Labs.
    • I can't install Adobe Creative Cloud on my notebook. Can you help?
    • I am receiving a message saying "You don't have access to manage apps"

    Feel free to reach out to the IT Help Desk for more information.