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Adobe CC Licensing Expiring

    Licensing Expiration

    Please be advised that Ringling College licensing for Adobe 2018 is expiring on February 29, 2020. For information regarding upgrading to Adobe CC 2020 or other opportunities, please visit https://it.ringling.edu/adobe or contact IT at 941-359-7633

    Why is my license expiring?

    Adobe has changed their licensing model from serialization to cloud licensing with the release of Adobe CC 2020. Institutional Technology has worked on migrating to cloud licensing with the rollout of Adobe CC 2020. Unfortunately, the current serial for Adobe 2018 is expiring earlier than anticipated. Therefore, to continue using your Adobe products, anyone receiving this message must install the latest version of the Creative Cloud Desktop App on their computer.

    The download will not install Adobe CC 2020. You must manually initiate an upgrade from Adobe 2018 to Adobe CC 2020. See Getting Started below for information on how to download to your Ringling notebook.

    Getting Started

    We have created a video to demonstrate the process of downloading, installing, and using Creative Cloud. Follow the links below to watch the process for your computer:

    Mac | View

    Windows | View

    How to download Adobe Creative Cloud

    The Creative Cloud desktop app lets you download, install, and update your Creative Cloud apps.   This version of the Creative Cloud Desktop App provides compatibility with our lab environment. You are welcomed to download the Creative Cloud desktop app directly from Adobe.  However, be advised that the version downloaded directly from Adobe will NOT match the version provided in Ringling College academic labs.  

    Follow the links below to get instructions on how to download and install the app:

    Mac | Download

    Windows | Download

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