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New Tech Support Solution

    On May 17 2016, Institutional Technology will decommission our old tech support system.  As we shared in early February, we planned to run both the new and existing systems side by side for the spring semester and fully transition to the new system at the end of the spring term.  As the semester wraps up, we are following through on those plans for a final transition to the new tech support solution.  

    As always, we certainly welcome your feedback and input along the way.  Check out the section below about opportunities and channels to share that feedback with us at your earliest convenience.

    What will change during this final move to the new system?  The tech support option in the campus portal will be updated to take you directly to the new tech support solution, and all incoming tech support cases will be routed to the new system.  At that time all support aliases will point to the new system as well. 

    What if I have tickets open in the old system?  All open tickets in the old system will be moved into the new system before decommissioning takes place, and an update noting the contents of the ticket and new ticket number will be sent to you via email.  No action will be required of you to ensure that your tickets are transferred- each IT team will transfer the cases and update the requestors individually.

    What to expect?  In many ways this new tech support solution will feel familiar.  We have configured the initial “IT Support” ticket creation process so it is similar to the existing system with options for giving the ticket a title, sharing a description of the issue, and then choosing some categories to assure it gets routed to the correct IT team members.  When you look at “My Tickets”, it will be easy to see the status of your existing tickets and click on them to add comments and see the latest updates.  We hope you will find it easy to use.

    So why a new tech support system?  While we’ve made the initial user experience similar to our existing system to ease our transition, this new solution offers functionality that was not available in our old system.  Many of the new capabilities will benefit you without even being visible to you as an end user.  For example, we will have insight into helpdesk cases that are sitting idle or that haven’t gotten responses, ensuring tech support tickets don’t get lost or ignored.  We now are hosting our notebook services checkout system within the new system, offering seamless integration with the tech support functionality and allowing us to retire an outdated, legacy checkout system that was previously used.  We have new capabilities for tracking issues with hardware across tech support cases we can detect trends or spot problematic hardware.  There are capabilities woven into the core of this new system that will allow for new opportunities to better serve our campus community moving forward.


    What is this solution?  It’s a cloud hosted Service Desk solution powered by a company called Samanage.  We’ve customized it to make it feel like home to our existing user community.  In addition, we’ve integrated it with our campus authentication systems to allow for easy user interaction.


    Why do I have to log in again?  Yes, we know it’s a bit annoying.  When you click on the new Tech Support System link, you are asked to provide your Ringling College username and password.  Like you, we would like that login to be seamless and invisible without asking for your credentials again.  We are working on a solution for that in the future, so we ask you to be patient in the meantime and provide your credentials when prompted for them.


    Hey wait, I didn’t have to login in again?  After you’ve successfully logged into the new tech support system once, a session is configured and remains active in your browser for an extended period of time.  Therefore, you may be surprised at first when you click on the tech support icon in the portal again using the same login and browser and are not prompted for your username and password.


    Reminder: Use your Ringling username to login: The new helpdesk system requires your Ringling username on the first login page, then prompts for your password on a subsequent page.  It will not work to use your Ringling e-mail to log into the system.  It must be your username.  If you experience issues in logging in, please give us a call (941-359-7633).

    This is an example of what the login page looks like this:

    How do I share my feedback?  There are numerous ways you can help us by offering your feedback.  You are welcome to call (941-359-7633) or stop by the IT Help Desk in the Goldstein Center 2nd floor.  You are also encouraged to make a new IT Tech Support ticket in the "General Support" category and include your feedback.  



    How do I get help?  If you experience any issues using the new system, please contact the IT HelpDesk at 941-359-7633.  For more information regarding the new tech support system, please visit the IT website:http://it.ringling.edu/NewTechSupportSolution