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Removing Ringling Software to install your own licensed version

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    Removing Ringling Software

    Macbook Pro Users:

    These instructions are provided should you want to remove the Ringling licensed software and install your own copy. Due to the way our licensing works, it is not possible for our license and your own license of a an Adobe software title to be installed simultaneously. This procedure provides a way for you to remove All the Ringling-specific software should you want to use your own personal copy.

    Note: We keep the software on the lab computers and notebooks the same to help ensure compatibility is maintained. Using a version of the software different than what we provide may have unintended version conflicts when moving files between your notebook and the labs.

    Before following these instructions be certain you have performed a backup of your data should anything go wrong!

    In order to begin using your own software we have created an un-installation script (link in step 1 below) which will prevent you from needing to erase and reinstall MacOS.


    This uninstall script will:

    • Reset the Adobe Desktop App
    • Uninstall our GlobalProtect VPN
    • Uninstall Ringling's Keyserver Utility, and
    • Uninstall the Ringling College Software Center App


    1. Download Remove_RCAD_Software.pkg and save to your computer.
    2. From that saved location, right-click on the Remove_RCAD_Software.pkg file then chose open.
    3. Installation will require you to authenticate with your Mac's login password.
    4. Run through the installer and reboot when prompted.

    Note: The first time you run the Adobe Desktop app, it may require an upgrade. After that completes, when you sign in with your Adobe ID you should notice the "Apps" tab is now available.


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