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My Notebook - Archive Your Files

    Archive Files From a Mac OS X Notebook

    You may use the following media to archive your personal files from the notebook:

    • CD-R or DVD-R
    • external hard drive

    Once you select the media you would like to use:

    1. connect or insert the media to the notebook;
    2. drag and drop your personal files to the selected media;
    3. verify the files copied to your selected media;
    4. eject the media and label it properly.

    To be more specific, you will want to navigate to your "home location" on the notebook and archive all files and folders listed there. To access to the home location on the notebook:

    1. click on the Finder (leftmost icon on the dock);
    2. click on "Go -> Home" on the menu bar.

    You should archive all the folders and any other files listed at this location. You should see the following folders:

    1. Desktop
    2. Documents
    3. Library
    4. Movies
    5. Music
    6. Pictures
    7. Public
    8. Sites

    In addition to these files and folders, you will want to archive any other files within your hard drive that may have not been saved to the user's home location. You can access these files by double-clicking on the hard drive icon located on the desktop. The icon may be titled "Macintosh HD." If you have created more than one user account on the notebook, repeat the steps for each user you have created.

    Students who have installed BootCamp will need to archive any files stored in their Windows partition, as it will be erased during the installation of a new Mac OS.


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