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    How can I forward my email?

    Once you log into the portal at http://my.ringling.edu and click on Gmail, click on the Gear/Settings Icon and select "Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP" to select your forwarding options. 

    How can I use my iPhone to access my email?

    Your iPhone can receive mail directly from your Google powered Ringling College email. 

    The username required for Google mail access is your full Ringling College email account.

    Please note, you will need this server name if asked: m.google.com

    • open the Settings app;
    • tap "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars";
    • tap "Add account";
    • tap "Google";
    • Enter your email: [yourusername]@c.ringling.edu
    • tap "Next";
    • you will be redirected to the Ringling Portal
      • On the Ringling portal page, enter your username (without @c.ringling.edu
      • enter your password
      • tap the "Sign in" button
    • When confirmed, you can select which services you would like to sync with Google. You can sync your mail, address book, and calendar from your Ringling College account at Google.  
    • tap "Save". If prompted, choose the option to "Keep current contacts on the phone," otherwise you may lose pre-existing contacts from the phone. 

    How can I use my mobile device/email client to access my email?

    You can use your mobile device/email client to access your email at Ringling College. You need to log into your Gmail account through the portal to complete the steps necessary for mobile mail/email client activation. Once you log into Gmail, click on the Gear/Settings Icon and select "Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP," enable IMAP, and click "Save." Once you enable the appropriate service, click on "Configuration instructions" and follow the instructions from Google to access your Gmail account. The username required for external mail access is your full Ringling College email account.

    Google provides additional utilities for mobile devices to access Gmail accounts. The method you use to access your Google powered email account depends on your specific device or email client and individual choice.

    How do I access my email?

    You may access your email through the Campus Portal at http://my.ringling.edu. Alternatively, you may access your email through your iPhone, mobile device, or email client. Please follow the instructions above for more information.

    Portal access to Gmail. Once you log into the Campus Portal, click on Gmail to access your Google powered email account.

    I already have a Google account and I don't want to read multiple accounts.

    Students and alumni with pre-existing Google accounts may combine their accounts into one by choosing delivery methods for their email through the settings panel.  Once you log into Gmail, click on "Settings > Accounts" from either your Ringling College Google powered email account or your other Gmail account to combine your email into one location.

    What is my email address?

    Your email address depends on your status at Ringling College. Faculty, student, and alumni email addresses use the following format:


    Staff addresses use the following format:


    Be sure to include your actual UserID. For example: jsmith@c.ringling.edu or jsmith@ringling.edu (for staff). It is very important that you do not share your Ringling College password with anyone.

    Can I sign into Gmail with multiple accounts?

    Yes, you can find more information at Google's Help Site.

    What will happen to my "@ringling.edu" email address and old email?

    Of you were a registered student or an alumnus prior to August 20, 2008, your previous email address will forward mail to your Gmail address until August 20, 2009. You will also have access to your archived mail through the Campus Portal until August 20, 2009. You will want to inform your contacts about your new Gmail address during the year provided for the transition.

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