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E-mail Signatures

    How to Create E-mail Signatures


    Download Visual Instructions

    • Login to the portal at my.ringling.edu, then click on “Webmail”.
    • Click on the “Options” button: 
    • Under “Your Information”, click on the “Personal Information” link:
    • Click on the “Edit your identities” link.
    • In the “Your signature:” field, type in the signature as you want it to appear. 
    • Click on the “Change” button when you are done.  You can now return to your Inbox.

    Outlook 2003
    Download Visual Instructions

    • Go under Tools -> Options.  The Outlook “Options” window will open. 
    • Click on the “Mail Format” tab.  Then click on the Signatures button.
    • The “Create Signature” window will open. 
    • In the “Create Signatures” Window, click on the “New” button.
    • The “Create New Signature” window will open. 
    • Enter a name for your new signature (e.g., Ringling) and click Next.
    • The “Edit Signature” Window will appear. 
    • Edit your signature as you want it to appear.
    • Click “Finish” when done to preview your signature.
    • Click “OK” to go back to the Mail Format tab under the Options window.
    • In the Signatures section, select the appropriate signature for the “Signature for new messages” field.  You can also select a signature for the “Signature for replies and forwards” field.

    Download Visual Instructions

    • Pull down the Tools menu and select “Signatures”.  The “Signatures” window will appear.
    • If the “Standard” signature already exists, you can select it, then click the “Edit” button.  If there are no signatures, then click the “New” button.
    • A window will open where you can name and edit your signature.
    • Enter your desired signature.  When you are done, close the window and select “Save” when prompted.
    • Then close the “Signatures” window.
    • Next, pull down the “Entourage” menu and select “Accounts”.
    • The “Accounts” window will appear.
    • Select your Exchange account and then click “Edit”
    • The “Edit Account” Window will appear.
    • Click on the “Options” tab.  Then under “Message Options”, select the appropriate signature for the “Default signature” field.
    • Click “OK”.

    Outlook Web Access (OWA)

    • Click on “Options” in the left hand pane.
    • Click on “Automatically include my signature on outgoing messages”.
    • If you don’t have a signature defined, OWA will open a window where you can define your signature).  If you already have a signature defined, and want to change it, click the “Edit Signature…” button.  Note, in non-Internet Explorer browsers, there will be field where you edit your signature, a separate window will not open.
    • In the signature window, type your signature as you want it to appear. Then click Save and Close.
    • Click “Save and Close” on the options screen to save your settings.

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