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    Welcome to the Cyber Security Awareness Month 2018!

    We know that you all have questions about cyber security, on how to be better protected online both at home and here at Ringling, (if you don't have questions, start asking!).  That's why we are excited to announce in the coming weeks of this National Cyber Security Awareness month we will be releasing some snippets and blurbs of information to help you along having a safer online presence. 

    But don't think we'll just email this important information out, we want you involved in looking to be safer online. You'll have the chance to look around campus and spot the extra information. Starting Monday the 8th, look out! there might be some Cybersecurity Awareness waiting for you around the next corner! 

    However, If you do miss them walking around campus we will have all the information here(as it comes out, no cheating), and we will also email you short messages through the coming weeks.

    Logout! Have you been Hasselhoff'd

    Once upon a time here at Ringling, when a person would leave their computer logged in and stepped away, someone would come around and change their background to a tiled David Hasselhoff picture.  Objectively funny admittedly, but it hides a bad problem.  What happens if you do this and someone with bad intentions happens to notice?  What happens if you leave your browser open and perhaps your bank account logged in?  Or your hard worked on files right there for the taking?  Pretty bad situation. So please remember to always lock your computer or simply log off if you are stepping away.

    Multifactor: Another Me?

    Let's say one of your passwords was unfortunately compromised. Chances are you won't know that until something bad happens to your account. That's where multi factor authentication works wonders! This will let you enter a generated code sent to you so that only you can log in. Some sites will even let you know that someone tried to access it unsuccessfully without the code. At that point your account is still safe and you can go and change that password. All is good! Not all sites or programs have this feature but if there is the opportunity, take it!

    Passwords: None of these is like the other!


    Now that we use sentences or phrases for our passwords, why use the same old boring one for everything? Using different passwords for different things makes it harder for someone that may have guessed one of your password to have access to everything else that you log into. Can’t possibly remember all of them? Fair enough, we’d recommend using a free password manager such as LastPass and keep them there under a single GOOD lock and key, instead of sticky notes all over your desk with all your passwords… Please don’t. So, with those useful phrases as our passwords, why not say something about what you will log into as part of your password? Be creative! 

    Password: Are you strong enough?

    IC@nRememberTh1sP@$$2, We’re sure you can actually read that password and possibly remember it quite well. Best part? It would be considered a strong password with all those little details that most want you to have. The trick is to use sentences or phrases and just sprinkle characters and numbers where they make sense to you. Doing this prevents bad people from making a computer go through a dictionary just to guess your password, and they do that all the time! Making a phrase reduces that threat significantly since a computer will have more trouble trying to Cr@ckTh1sP@$$. Try it and you won’t have password problems anymore! Just don’t use those particular ones; You wouldn't want everyone reading this to know your password.  

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